About Us
EXPEDITE- Technology Outsourcing | Custom Software Development | Staff Augmentation

"We are the creators of opportunities and amplifiers of human Innovation.
We are Expedite Software Services — The endeavors of Software
Development and Staff Augmentation Services since inception."

Expedite Software Services is an Indian Subsidiary of Expedite Technology Solutions, USA. Expedite is an entrenched Global Technology focused software development and staff Augmentation services company. Established in 2008, Expedite Technology Solutions, USA is headquartered in Georgia, USA and has global Operations. Ensuing Fourteen years of diligent and extraordinary services in the USA, Expedite technology solutions started its Indian subsidiary in 2015 in Noida location addressed as Expedite Software Services.

Being an integrated branch of reputed parent company Expedite Software Services worked as a syndicate in India to connect the explicit talent of India to the great corporations in the global market and to catalyze peculiar software development services across the globe.

For over 14 years, Expedite has been a trusted software development and recruitment services partner of significant industries and businesses across the globe. We are an alliance of experts who draws upon decades of experience working in next-generation software development and recruitment services that build a map toward growth and approaches to succeed in today’s ecosystem.

What we do

Young minds behind Expedite Software Services have a holy grail to serve as the most reliable source of multiple services for transforming your sophisticated business ideas into an unparalleled corporation.

We take pride in our three Prime services — Custom Software Development Services, Staff Augmentation Services, and Technology Outsourcing. Our triumphant services manage, execute and deliver the desired results to leading organizations in the digital world.

Expedite construct, comprehensive Software Development Services for your Comprehensive project requirements. We unfold custom software development services, Which are not restricted to specific domains or industries and thus undertake expansive business industries allowing us to deliver our software development services to gigantic platforms.

From offshore to onsite software development, we apprehend every business need and hence provide full-cycle software development services to conquer hitches and deliver tailored solutions.

As a leading brand of software services provider, we combine our custom software development services with business innovation and persuasion, providing leverage to our clients to give rise to the business that creates history in a world full of innovations and technologies.

Expedite is a deep-rooted international recruitment agency. Its establishment occurred to seamlessly command, reallocate and relocate the workforce in consonance with the need of an organization, assignment, and project.

For over a decade, expedite has been competing with leading recruitment agencies and marked its place and presence in the USA and Indian markets. We are geographically spreading across the globe and have established an enterprise in India in 2015 and operates internationally by enabling our best recruitment services in the USA and as well as in India.

Expedite effortlessly organize the sourcing and selecting process in terms of US recruitment and India recruitment to provide the inviolable channel between explicit talent and the most significant business industries around the globe. A team of young hiring professionals at Expedite helps to revolutionize and reinforce businesses with precision, Genuineness and integrity.

Our Core Values
Our core values have made us who we are today. These values are the bedrock and fabric of Expedite software services culture.

To be exclusive and authentic.


Enthusiastic for work.


Adore what we do.


We keep it simple but significant.


To appreciate each other’s work.


Deep understanding of needs.


Willing to take risks for the client's success.