Expedite Software Services is leader in Staff Augmentation Services. Expedite Software Services has been collaborating with emerging and leading multinational corporations as their talent acquisition specialist to manage and scale up their staffing needs using our strategic recruitment techniques.

Having Expedite Software Services as your Talent Search partner gives you numerous ways to explore the world-class IT talent and rare specialists for your In- house team expansion and short-term projects to fill the talent gap in the team at an economical price


Save hassle and time, hire an elite fit with elite skills for an elite project!


Why do you need Expedite software Services your partner for staff augmentation services?


Expedite Software Services help you to find rare specialties for you inhouse  development team to complement clients’ requirements

We Help to balance appointment costs and the workload.

We offer Cost-effective than a full-time hiring process.

We provide clients control  regarding Talent hiring  management and way to upsize or downsize team anytime as per business requirement

Updated intellectual resources.

Customizable services


Expedite Software Services as a Staff Augmentation Services provider


Expedite Software Services are architects and creators of systematic and flexible staff augmentation methodologies to unleash the power of technology to fulfill the business requirements of companies around the world.

Expedite software services is well established IT outsourcing company in India and USA. We offer staff augmentation services to multinational and start-up companies within India as well as in the USA.

Expedite Software Services have served more than a decade in the digital world and made high-tech intellectual resources accessible to companies across the nation and worldwide from India. We help companies of all sizes, industries, and origins to find the right IT talent at the right time.

At Expedite, we have experts in almost all technologies for front-end development, backend development, Cloud development, full-stack development, mobile or website application development, Artificial Intelligence, and more.


“Expedite is one of the best staff augmentation companies in India and the USA, assigning dedicated employees to your business and delivering outcomes before the deadlines without compromising the quality.”

Why choose Expedite as your Staff Augmentation Partner?